Soundproof Garage Door In Just 7 Easy Steps

soundproof garage door

Garages can be a great space for hobbies, DIY projects, and more. But if your garage is connected to other rooms in your house, sound can easily travel through the walls and door. That’s why you may want to consider soundproofing your garage door. It’s easier than you think – just follow these 7 simple steps for the soundproof garage door. We will also discuss the cheapest way to soundproof a garage door.

Step 1: Soundproof Garage Door Gaps On Sides

A man checking gaps in garage door
gaps on the garage door

The first step when soundproof garage door is to check for any gaps or holes between the door and the frame, and seal garage door sides from inside. If there are any gaps, they need to be filled before beginning any other steps. You can use silicone sealant or weather stripping to garage door side gap filler in any spaces around the perimeter of the door. This will help keep unwanted noise from entering or exiting your garage. Also if you build a soundproof phone booth for your office you have to be extra alert about the gaps.

Step 2: Add Mass For Soundproof Garage Door

mass for soundproof garage door
mass for soundproofing

Does Mass block sound? The answer is Yes, Adding mass is one of the most effective ways to soundproof a garage door. You can do this by attaching thick foam mats or blankets directly to the back of your door with adhesive spray or nails/screws. This is the cheapest way to soundproof a garage. The thicker the foam, the better it will absorb sound waves coming through the door.

Step 3: Install Acoustic Baffles

soundproof garage door Acoustic Baffles
Acoustic Baffles

How effective are sound baffles? Acoustic baffles for soundproof garage doors are another great way to reduce noise transmission through a door. They are made of heavy material such as fiberglass that absorbs sound waves and prevents them from traveling through doors and windows. These sound baffle panels can be hung vertically on either side of the doorway using nails or screws for maximum effect. You can buy online these hanging acoustic baffles.

Step 4: Line Your Garage Door With Acoustic Panels Soundproofing

Acoustic Panels for soundproof a garage door
Acoustic Panels

If you ask me What is the best way to soundproof a garage? Then acoustic panels are a great option for soundproofing a garage door. These sound-dampening panels for garage are made of thick material that absorbs noise waves before they enter or exit your home through the doorway. You can attach them directly to either side of the doorway with adhesive tape or nails/screws for maximum effectiveness.

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Step 5: Heavy Drapes Curtains For Garage

Drapes Curtains For Garage
Drapes Curtains

Install Heavy Curtains Or Drapes Heavy curtains or drapes are also an effective way to reduce noise transmission through a doorway. Now the question is How do you hang curtains in a garage? Insulated garage curtains across either side of your doorway so that they cover all gaps between the doorway and frame for maximum effect. This will block out external sounds as well as prevent internal noises from leaving your home through the doorway!

Step 6: Garage Door Bottom Seal Types

A man seal garage door side gaps
garage door side gaps

How to seal garage door side gaps?

Seal The Seams Between The Door And Frame To ensure an airtight seal of garage door sides from inside and between your garage door and frame, you should use caulk for sealing gaps along all seams where they meet up against each other (i.e., top, bottom, sides). This will create an extra barrier against outside noises entering your home while simultaneously preventing internal sounds from escaping out into other parts of your house!

Step 7: Sound Absorbing Wall Panels For Soundproof Garage Door

Sound Absorbing Wall Panels
Sound Absorbing Wall Panels

How do you soundproof a doorway? Hang Sound-Absorbing Wall Hangings On Either Side Of The Doorway For even further protection against unwanted noise transmission, you should hang up some wall hangings on either side of your doorway that have been designed specifically for absorbing soundwaves (e.g., rugs, tapestries). These soundproof wall panels for garage will add an extra layer of insulation that will help keep out external noises while also preventing internal sounds from escaping into other parts of your house!


Follow these seven simple steps for a soundproof garage door and you’ll have a much quieter garage in no time! Not only does this make it easier to enjoy projects in peace but it also helps protect those living nearby from being disturbed by loud noises coming from inside your home – making it a win-win situation for everyone involved! So what are you waiting for? Get started now on a soundproof garage door today!

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