Soundproof Blanket Provides a Noticeable Reduction in External Noise

soundproof blanket

What is a Soundproof Blanket?

Soundproof blanket One of the cheapest solutions to dampen sound. Put it up on my doorway and it reduced low-freq humming sounds by about 10db (45db to 35 db) with doors opened. After closing the door + this blanket on, I could barely hear anything outside. High freq sound does come through. but that’s acceptable since it’s infrequent.

For most situations, the best description is sound dampening, or sound deadening. While you may not be able to eliminate all sounds, plenty of reasonably priced tools can assist you in reducing the sound. One of the tools available is a soundproofing blanket.

Do soundproof blankets work?

Soundproof blankets are made of dense that’s why they are very effective for reducing noise, and layered materials that absorb sound.

These blankets are constructed of materials that function in the capacity of sound absorbing blanket. The size that the blanket is usually crucial. The way in which the blanket is stitched may help make the sound less pronounced.

These materials can consist of the following:


Mineral wool



Mass-loaded Vinyl

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How to soundproof a room with Blanket.

With a Soundproof blanket, you can soundproof your room. They provide a noticeable reduction in external noise. If you have a small room with a door. All four of the walls are covered including the door. It helps mute noises from inside and outside my room.

Are blankets good for soundproofing?

If you love peace and an area where you don’t want disturbance then defiantly this soundproof blanket is for you. Many people experienced this blanket and after using this they’ve happy to use this. Please try it once you will get 100% results with these soundproofing blankets.

Are moving blankets soundproof?

Moving Blankets aren’t effective in soundproofing (reducing the transfer of noise). They can provide slight improvements in the reduction of echo. Soundproofing Blankets feature a massively loaded vinyl core that is extremely heavy. Sound Absorbing Blankets make use of soft fabrics like velvet or velour to significantly reduce echo and reflection.

soundproof blanket for Door

These blankets have been used by customers to absorb sound between walls, doors, and floors. Most commonly walls. If you trying to reduce noise from a residential closet that houses our home it is networking equipment (fans and such). This will help you definitely 

Soundproofing blanket for window

Windows have also gaps that allow sounds to be heard easily. Windows allow for a variety of unwelcome sounds, particularly if you’re living in a noisy area that is a major route for cars or horns blaring, and even construction and roadwork happen.

The outside noises can be a nuisance and hanging soundproof blankets on windows will reduce the noise. Certain soundproof blankets come with grommets, which make them more convenient to apply to windows that need soundproofing.

How to Hang Grommet Soundproof blanket with Hooks

  • GROMMETS FOR EASY HANGING – US Cargo Control Sound Blankets With Grommets make it easy to hang and feature 9 grommets across the 80″ side of the sound-dampening blanket. They are moving blankets with grommets!!

How to Choose a High-Quality Soundproofing Blanket

Soundproofing blankets for rooms
Soundproofing blankets

When you are looking to purchase a soundproof blanket It is important to know the method of production. Soundproofing blankets are usually woven fabric.

It’s typically constructed from an acoustically clear material.

This is basically a way of saying that sound waves will be able to travel over the exterior layer and be able to reach the sound-absorbent inner layers.

You may be more familiar with the term breathable in the context of fabric.

Soundproof blanket Fabric

The two terms are definitely closely related. A fabric that is breathable can also be acoustically translucent. You can determine whether a fabric is breathable by blowing on it. If you can feel the air move through to the opposite side, then the fabric is both breathable and transparent.

The layer that is inside is the one that does the job of absorbing and reducing the sound. These layers are made of fibrous materials such as mineral wool, fiberglass recycled cotton and cellulose, and other massively loaded vinyl.

This material is the opposite of acoustically clear. Sound waves don’t travel through this material but are instead blocked and held within the substance.

Another thing you’ll notice on blankets for soundproofing is grommets. It’s nothing to do with noise absorption, but it does make it much easier to hang.


Finding a way to lessen the sound of a certain area can make a significant difference in the quality of life.

Soundproofing can be particularly helpful for podcasters, musicians, or anyone who works at home, and frequently is required to take part in conference calls, as well as parents, but I believe almost everyone could benefit from soundproofing at the very least in at least one area.

If you don’t have a lot of money or are not looking to take on a major renovation or construction project, a soundproofing blanket may aid in reducing the sound.

Soundproofing blankets are reasonably priced instruments that function in the capacity of sound absorption. Through absorbing noise waves noise is muffled to a manageable degree.

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