Dave Grohl House Tour: What a lifestyle of a Rock Star!

dave grohl house and networth
7 July

Dave Grohl House Tour: What a lifestyle of a Rock Star!

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Dave Grohl (b. January 14, 1969) , the legendary American musician and songwriter. He is the Founder of the rock band Foo Fighters, for which he is the lead singer, guitarist, and principal songwriter. Prior to forming Foo Fighters, he was the drummer of the grunge band Nirvana from 1990 to 1994. 

Dave was the drummer for the super influential grunge rock band Nirvana up until the passing of frontman,  the late great Kurt Cobain, in 1994. Grohl went on to form one of the biggest rock acts of the 1990s and 2000s, The Foo Fighters! 

He has an impressive array of properties that reflect his rock star lifestyle. With 105 million albums sold worldwide between the two legendary bands, Grohl has cemented his footprint into the Rock N Roll Universe.

As of 2024, Grohl has an estimated net worth of 330 million dollars! He won’t be running out of chewing gum any time soon!

Grohl is an 18-time Grammy award winner, a double inductee of the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, a multi-instrumentalist, and a multi-platinum-selling artist. It’s not very often that you find a man who can get behind a drum kit or put a guitar around his neck and instantly create some of the world’s most recognized beats and riffs. 

Also, let’s not forget that he is a former and current member of 2 of the biggest rock acts in music history.In this detailed house tour, we’ll explore his homes in various locations, delve into his appearances at the White House, and uncover other interesting facts about his residences.

Dave Grohl’s Virginia Residences

Dave Grohal virigina Alexandria house

Annapolis Home Magazine


Dave Grohl owns a beautiful house in Alexandria, Virginia. This residence is known for its classic architecture and charming neighborhood. He purchased the property in the late 1990s, building a makeshift recording studio in the basement. The studio is full of equipment. 

Grohl undoubtedly spent exponentially more time in his studio spaces on soundproof panels, modern equipment, and designing a creatively inspiring studio than the average musician would rationally justify. But for him, music creativity matters more than any other priority.


Dave Grohl Springfield lives with mother, located at 5516 Kathleen Place


In Springfield, Virginia, Dave Grohl has another residence that reflects his love for serene environments. This house is more secluded, providing a perfect escape from his busy life. When he was growing up, Dave Grohl lived with his single mother in this Springfield, Virginia house, located at 5516 Kathleen Place.

North Carolina Beach Houses

Dave Gorhl california beach house, dave grohl house canyon dave grohl la house


Dave Grohl’s house in Corolla, North Carolina, offers stunning views of the ocean. It’s a perfect retreat for someone who loves the beach and the tranquility it offers.

It’s an excellent 2.995 mill, you’re not setting up shop here on a whim. The house is 3,100 square feet, has an acoustic ceiling, vaulted ceilings, and a living room with a view of the Pacific with no obstructions.

Outer Banks

dave grohl delaware beach house outer bank


Another beach house owned by Dave Grohl is located in the Outer Banks. This house is known for its expansive views and beach access, making it a perfect getaway spot. Dave’s friends celebrate a party in this house as shown in the image.

California Homes

Los Angeles

dave gohl house in losangles california

Dave Grohl’s Los Angeles house is a hub of activity. This home is known for its spacious interiors and proximity to the city’s vibrant music scene.The size is 7,000 square feet, the Estimated Price is tens of millions, and specific figures are not publicly disclosed. Location is Brentwood, Los Angeles, CA.


In Encino, California, Dave Grohl has a house that’s both luxurious and comfortable. This residence features modern amenities and is located in one of the most sought-after neighborhoods.


Dave Grohl’s beach house in Oxnard, California, is a testament to his love for the ocean. This property offers direct beach access and stunning sunsets.

Hawaii Retreat

Dave house in Hawaii, specifically in Kona, is a true paradise. This property is surrounded by natural beauty and offers a peaceful retreat away from the mainland.

When Dave heard Neil Young had a home here, he had to have one, too. His entire family is with me – mother and sister, my wife and kids – so they can make the best of this time in isolation.

Seattle Properties


Dave Grohl house Seattle Properties Shoreline

therockrevival [House Pros Realty, LLC/Taio Konishi]

Dave Grohl owns a house located in Shoreline, Washington, about nine miles north of Downtown Seattle known for its scenic views and serene environment. This property offers a perfect blend of urban and suburban living.

The real estate records show that Grohl owned the home from 1993 until 1997, when Foo Fighters released their breakout sophomore album, The Color, and the Shape. The 5-bedroom residence is listed at $999,950 and has a wine room, wet bar, and a private balcony off the main bedroom. 


Dave Grohl at the White House

dave gorhl perform at white house

Dave Grohl has had the honor of performing at the White House multiple times. Dave Grohl Performs “Band On The Run” In Performance at the White House (2010). His appearances include special events with Paul McCartney and performances that have left a lasting impact.

Conclusion: A Peek into Dave Grohl’s Lifestyle

Dave Grohl’s homes reflect his eclectic taste and love for diverse environments. From beach houses to urban residences, each property offers a unique glimpse into the rock star’s life.


Where are Dave Grohl’s houses located?

Dave has homes in Virginia, North Carolina, California, Hawaii, and Seattle.

Does Dave Grohl have a house in Hawaii?

Yes, Dave owns a house in Kona, Hawaii.

How many houses does Dave Grohl have?

Dave owns multiple properties, each offering unique features and environments.

Has Dave Grohl performed at the White House?

Yes, Dave Grohl has performed at the White House on several occasions, including special events with Paul McCartney.

What is unique about Dave Grohl’s house in Corolla, NC?

Dave Grohl’s house in Corolla offers stunning ocean views and direct beach access, making it a perfect retreat.

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